Agvocacy 2.0 Contest - A Farm Boy Through and Through

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Aug 12

This post is an entry for our Agvocacy 2.0 Contest. Contestants are sharing their favorite Ag story with us to be entered. The contestant whose blog post receives the most comments, likes, and tweets will win.

In the summer of 2010, while pregnant with my second son, my older son and I went outside to watch my husband combine wheat. This wasn't good enough for Cyrus, he wanted to be in the action. So he said, "Mom, let's go run the tractor and grain cart." So not to disappoint a 2 year old, we climbed in the tractor and grain cart. I thought that a ride in the tractor and grain cart would be enough, but no, he wanted us to actually run it. So I called to my husband on the CB radio to tell him that I was in the tractor and grain cart. He said that was good and to drive up and he would unload. I've driven the tractor many times, but unloading on the go was a new experience. I tentatively pulled the tractor up beside the combine and continued to talk to my husband on the radio as to how fast I needed to go and he assured me that I would be fine to just pull up. As we heard the wheat begin to be loaded on the grain cart, Cyrus looked up at me and laid his little hand on my arm and said, "You did it mommy, you really did it." I began to laugh and told my husband on the radio what had happened. We all realized then that even if I wasn't very confident about my ability to run the tractor and grain cart, that Cyrus had no doubt. I'm pretty sure if his feet could reach the pedals he wouldn't have been tentative at all. He is certainly a farm boy through and through.

-Misty Bivens
Agriculture Teacher

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