Alfalfa is good, it has a buffering effect!

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五月 24

Denis Singler, a professor and extension horse specialist at Texas A&M University, USA, spoke to equine delegates on "Prevention, not the cure: Non-medical nutritional approaches to gastric ulcers," during today's Equine session at Alltech's Symposium.

An equine gastric ulcer is due to prolonged exposure to acid in the stomach lining. Gastric ulceration is a common condition affecting all horses, particularly of the race horse discipline, "93% of all race horses are affected by Gastric Ulceration Syndrome" stated Singler.

Singler informed delegates of the serious risk factors gastric ulceration can cause, including:- decreased performance, decreased coat condition, weight loss and poor attitude. Singler went on to discuss preventive methods that can be used to avoid gastric ulceration contraction.

Singler concluded the session with the following points:-

  1. Textured feeds tend to be more beneficial than pelleted feeds
  2. Employ a stress reduction management practice
  3. Alfalfa and trace mineral supplementation has the most beneficial effect

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