Alltech's Algae Conference Visits Alltech Algae

Feb 23

Alltech's first annual Algae conference got underway in Lexington, Kentucky today. The morning session featured presentations from some of Alltech's leading researchers on the characteristics and potential uses of algae. There are roughly 800,000 species of algae, which vary greatly in form, function and chemical composition.

Algae can be used in animal feed, food supplements, pharmaceuticals, bioremediation and biofuels. Several of these industries were represented among the international audience. Lively group discussions revolved around specific challenges and opportunities for algae production in agriculture, environmental and renewable energy applications.

In the afternoon, the group traveled to Winchester for a ribbon cutting ceremony and tour at Alltech's new algae plant. The plant is Alltech's largest production facility. However, that is not the most important feature. It includes a pilot plant, a scaled-down replica of the large production system that will allow Alltech to research and perfect production methods before rolling them out to the larger system.

The plant also includes small medium and large fermentation tanks. The largest are 8 stories high and have a capacity of 265,000 liters. A state-of-the-art computer controlled automation system allows for precise operation of these tanks. This brief video takes you inside the plant and describes some of its most important features.

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