Alltech's App for Pig Producers

Jun 06
Alltech Pig App

Billy Frey describes the Alltech Pig app.

Pig producers have a big job. They have to keep their animals healthy and productive. They have to make sure they are producing high-quality, safe and nutritious pork. They have to keep an eye on environmental issues, and they have to manage rising production costs caused by high feed prices.

Alltech has just created a new app that can help with some of those jobs. The Alltech app allows pig producers to look up problems that they are having with their pigs and get information on possible causes and results. There is information about weaned piglets, sows and grower-finishers; and topics include pig health, environmental issues and meat quality.

The app, which also includes weather and commodity prices, is currently available for iPhones and Androids. A version for the Blackberry will be released soon and features for all species of livestock and poultry will be added.

We talked with Billy Frey, Alltech's digital marketing manager, about the app and what it can do

Tell us some of the features that you would like to see in the Alltech app.

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