Animal Agriculture Alliance - Information on Animal Welfare Guidelines

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Feb 07

It's more important than ever for the ag industry to tell its story. The Animal Agriculture Alliance is committed to doing just that. Sarah Hubbart was at their booth during the International Poultry Exposition talking to people about the alliance and its mission.

Fewer and fewer people have first-hand experience on a farm and that can make it difficult to understand what farmers do and why they do it. Sarah and her colleagues work to educate the media and the general public about topics like animal welfare and biotechnology. They contribute to the discussion with reliable scientific information.

Animal welfare is a hot topic today and one that is very important to livestock producers. If animals are well-cared for they will be healthy and productive. The agriculture industry has spent many years and millions of dollars on research to develop scientifically and ethically sound farming practices that ensure farm animal welfare and food safety.

For more information on animal welfare guidelines and research efforts visit the animal welfare section on their website.

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