Biotechnology for Jumpers

Nov 06
Barbara Rea - DAC

Barbara Rea - DAC

The Direct Action Company started out in 1983 with just one product called Direct Action. They wanted to bring new advances in biotechnology to the feed industry, something that was almost unheard of at the time. Direct Action included "chelated" minerals. Unlike inorganic minerals, chelated minerals are wrapped in an organic compound called an enzyme. This makes them more bioavailable and less likely to be bound to other minerals in the diet.

In 1983 biotechnology was very new to the feed industry. Just three years earlier Alltech had also started out with one product, Yea-Sacc. DAC and Alltech have been working together ever since to bring nutritional solutions to the horse and livestock feed industry.

We spoke to Barbara Rea of DAC at the Alltech National Horse Show about her conversations with riders during the show and her impression of the show.

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