College and University Day at the Alltech Games

Sep 26

Rehearsals for the Opening Ceremonies at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian GamesIf you are a Kentucky college student you can come to the Alltech Games at the Kentucky Horse Park for free today with your valid student ID. Yes, this applies to all Kentucky college and university students. Generous donations from Alltech, our partners and the agricultural industry are making this possible. So, get up, and get out here.

You can ride LexTran for $1 each way from downtown Lexington. You won't believe all the cool stuff there is to see and do during the Alltech Games: live music, Kentucky Ale, Reining demonstrations, food, more live music, the Alltech Experience Pavilion, and more Kentucky Ale.

It's a beautiful day. Get out of bed, put your term paper off for one more day and get over here.When you get here you will receive a Grounds Pass admission which is good as a spectator ticket to watch Endurance. If you get here before noon you will have the option to receive a Reining ticket while supplies last.

Come see what the Lexington Herald-Leader called "An Incredible Journey."

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