Environmentally Friendly Printing with Lynn Imaging's Monster Color

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Jul 12

Following is a guest post by Joanne Underwood, Senior Account Executive at Lynn Imaging's Monster Color. If you have ever attended Alltech Symposium, you can appreciate the vibrant printing created by Lynn Imaging.

New printers not only broaden Lynn Imaging's offerings but are environmentally friendly using HP Latex Printing Technologies. L65500 and LX600 printers are solutions that meet customers' growing interests while being environmentally responsible. Both are 103" wide printers capable of printing 8' wide graphics, banners, and more. They have eco-friendly inks comprised of a 6-color system which produces a wide color gamut and are designed with the environment in mind. Water-based HP Latex inks have no hazard warning labels, no HAP's (hazardous air pollutants), and are non-flammable and non-combustible. No special ventilation or external dryer is needed.

These machines produce stunning indoor/outdoor color quality at production speed. Lynn Imaging will take it further by offering HP recyclable substrates and telling customers about the HP Large Format Media Take-back Program. This is a simple program that provides our clients the opportunity to return recyclable HP large-format printing materials after use such as banners, sign materials, films, and backlit materials. HP's state of the art processes ensure that the plastics used in printing materials are recycled in a way that conserves resources. The program is free and convenient. Simply pack up eligible materials and HP will pick up the shipping expense and handle the sorting and recycling.

-Joanne Underwood, Monster Color

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