Fair Trade Coffee Available Online - Alltech Café Citadelle

Sep 30
Curt Jones - Inventor of Dippin' Dots

Alltech Café Citadelle is available online at coffeetimescoffee.com

Our new fair trade Haitian coffee is now available online from coffeetimescoffee.com.

Alltech Café Citadelle, is shade-grown in the mountains of northern Haiti. Shade-grown coffee is more sustainable because it is raised beneath the existing tree canopy (so... in the shade), and doesn't contribute to deforestation. Only about 6% of Haiti remains forested today.

Alltech Café Citadelle is grown by the members of RECOCARNO, a network of fair-trade coffee grower co-ops. RECOCARNO coffee sales provide a sustainable source of income for 6,700 people.

Now you have 3 convenient ways to order Alltech Café Citadelle and help the people of Haiti:

  • Online at www.coffeetimescoffee.com
  • In person at Coffee Time Coffee House
    2571 Regency Rd, Lexington, Kentucky
  • By phone - call Alltech Customer Service - 1-888-636-3302

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