Farming Film Festival 2012

Mar 30
Farming Film Festival 2012 Farming Film Festival 2012

It's time for our 2nd annual Farming Film Festival. We got some great videos last year and we can't wait to see what you send us this year.

As we look to the future, we must revolutionize how we think about the business of food production.  What will the world look like for our children? How will we feed 9 billion people... and while we're at it, how will we safeguard animal health, the environment and food safety? We want to hear farmers' ideas on how to be prepared for the future.

If you are a farmer, tell us your ideas. If you're not a farmer, find one and tell their story.

The grand prize is $2,000 and it is easy to enter. Go to the Farming Film Festival page on the Alltech Ag Network to enter. The official rules are posted there as well.

The videos will be shown on the Alltech Ag Network and you will be able to vote for your favorite entry. The winning videos will be shown at Alltech's Annual International Symposium in May.

We can't wait to hear your ideas... Good Luck

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