Field Trip to the National Horse Show

Nov 03

Learning about the Future of Farming

Over a thousand local school kids were treated to a field trip to the Alltech National Horse Show today. They watched the competition and visited the educational booths and exhibits in the Horseplay area and the Alltech Experience area.

They had a lot of fun and learned a couple of things in the process. The Farm of the Future model is always a favorite. It is used to explain how different agricultural processes can be linked together to produce food, fuel and feed more efficiently.

Waste from one production method can be used as a resource for another production method. For instance, when corn is grown to produce food or animal feed the stalks and cobs can be converted to ethanol in a bio-refinery. Wheat bran and rice bran can be converted to nutritious animal feed after the cellulose is broken down in a solid state fermentation plant.

Learn more about the Future of Farming.

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