Increasing Feed Prices - How Programmed Nutrition Can Help Producers Increase Nutrient Efficiency

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Mar 03

Global feed prices are increasing rapidly and it seems unlikely that they will go back down significantly anytime soon. Alltech is working to help producers solve these problems by making the most of limited raw materials. Exciting developments in the area of programmed nutrition can help producers increase the efficiency of their animals, reducing feed costs substantially.

Programmed nutrition involves careful timing of nutrient delivery just prior to birth or during the first hours of an animal's life. For instance, elimination of key nutrients like calcium, phosphorus or trace minerals during the first 96 hours of life increases the amount of receptors and transporters for those nutrients. These changes stay with the animal throughout its life, improving its ability to extract and absorb key nutrients from its diet. That means that the animal will perform as well or better on a less expensive diet.

Nutrigenomics allows Alltech's researchers to investigate the effects of nutrition on gene expression. Observing the effects of minerals and nutrients at the genetic level is revolutionizing our understanding of nutritional requirements. Programmed nutrition is just one of the natural solutions that Alltech is researching with the help of nutrigenomics.

In this short video, Pearse Lyons describes how programmed nutrition can help producers face the growing pressure of rising commodity prices. This is just one of the topics that will be explored at Alltech's Animal Health and Nutrition Industry Symposium, May 22nd through 25th.

What are some other ways that producers can reduce feed costs?

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