A Tribute to Des Cole - Pioneer of Modern Pig Nutrition

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Dec 01
Des Cole - Pig Science Pioneer

Dr. Des Cole
Pioneer of Modern Pig Nutrition

International Forum on Pork Production
a Tribute to Des Cole

Des Cole had a long and distinguished career in animal science. He pioneered modern pig science; advancing our understanding of sow nutrition and protein and amino acid metabolism. He developed the concept of the "ideal protein" and laid the foundation for feeding modern hyper prolific genotypes. During his impressive career he published more than 300 papers and 25 books; taught at University of Nottingham; and served as director of Nottingham Nutrition International and managing editor of Nottingham University Press. His many awards include the 1985 David Black Award, and the 1990 Alltech Medal of Excellence.

Des Cole was more interested in future opportunities than past accomplishments. In his words, 'We're only at the start of the biological process - we're only scratching the surface. And the future is going to be exciting..."

Dr. Cole passed away in 2006. Alltech's International Forum on Pork Production was started in 2009 as a tribute to Des Cole, his great contribution to pig science and his legacy as a long time friend and business associate. The 2nd annual forum is now underway at Alltech's Lexington Brewing Company. We are proud to provide a forum for pork producers, nutritionists, and veterinarians to gather and discuss pig science and remember the contributions of Dr. Des Cole.

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