Fair Trade and Sustainable - Alltech Café Citadelle - Coffee from Haiti for Haiti

Sep 29

This video follows the fair trade Haitian coffee that goes into Alltech Café Citadelle from seedling to cup. Dr. Lyons leads us on a tour of the mountainous region of northern Haiti where Alltech Café Citadelle is grown. Helicopter is the best transportation choice in this rugged corner of Haiti. The aerial view of the Citadelle Laferrière, an historic 19th century fortress at the summit of Bonnet Mountain is another good reason to travel by air.

Dr. Lyons and crew visit Cacgava, the oldest coffee co-op in Haiti. This is where young coffee plants are sprouted and raised for distribution to co-op member farmers; and where the coffee is dried, selected and sorted into grades; all by hand. Coffee is then sent to RECOCARNO, a network of Haitian co-ops that exports the coffee.

The next stop is one of the small farms that grow coffee for Cacgava. Most of the farms are between 1 and 5 hectares. The coffee is shade-grown beneath the natural forest canopy. This makes for better coffee that can be grown without pesticides and without clear-cutting Haiti's remaining forests. The coffee is grown alongside yams and bananas and other food crops that feed the family.

Finally, fly back home to Lexington where the coffee is roasted, packaged and sold at Coffee Times Coffee House. Dr. Lyons explains the benefits of drinking Alltech Café Citadelle in the morning and Bluegrass Sundown in the evening.

Alltech Café Citadelle is available for purchase from Alltech Customer Service by calling + 1-888-636-3302 and in Coffee Times, 2571 Regency Road, Lexington, Kentucky

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