Luciano Roppa on the Challenge of Feeding the World

Sep 21

Feeding the World - Step 1. Stop Wasting Food

One of the topics for this year's Forum on Pork Production was the challenge of producing more food for a growing population. As the population increases the demands on agriculture will grow at the same time that available resources become even more scarce. A larger population will use more land, water and energy for all uses, not just for agriculture.

We have nearly 1 billion people in the world suffering from hunger today. So, the challenge to feed the world is urgent. Luciano Roppa of Provimi led the session on global megatrends in the meat industry. He identified food wastage as a major problem that must be addressed immediately if we are to properly feed the world. In this brief interview he describes how 20% of the meat and 30% of the grain produced globally are wasted.
What should we be doing right now to prevent food wastage?

Alltech's 3rd International Forum on Pork Production: A Tribute to Dr. Des Cole

This year's International Forum on Pork Production featured discussions on urgent industry topics led by business and animal science leaders from around the world. Alltech hosts the event annually as a tribute to Dr. Des Cole, a pioneer in pig nutrition who laid the foundation for feeding the modern hyper prolific sow.

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