Mark Fitzsimmons on Food Choices

Sep 22

Feeding the World - Which World?

Agriculture is challenged with feeding a growing population, but it is not simply the task of creating a sufficient quantity of food per person. Different societies have very different demands. Impoverished nations are struggling just to feed their people while more affluent consumers are making increasingly strict demands on producers. Consumer demand for antibiotic-free meat, cage-free eggs or grass-fed beef can open up specialty market niches that provide opportunities for small producers. However, when the trend toward more stringent requirements creates additional regulations and requirements it increases production costs and, therefore, food costs for everyone.

Our 3rd Forum on Pork Production created some lively discussion on traditional swine industry issues but the debate also spilled over into larger global food supply and environmental issues like food safety, green energy and natural resource questions.

Dr. Mark Fitzsimmons of Swine Graphics, USA, who led our PRRS discussion dinner, took some time out to share his thoughts on how one group's purchasing decisions can inadvertently affect people with different economic situations.

Alltech's 3rd International Forum on Pork Production: A Tribute to Dr. Des Cole

This year's International Forum on Pork Production featured discussions on urgent industry topics led by business and animal science leaders from around the world. Alltech hosts the event annually as a tribute to Dr. Des Cole, a pioneer in pig nutrition who laid the foundation for feeding the modern hyper prolific sow.

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