Quality and Traceability at Alltech Algae

Feb 25

During the last thirty years Alltech has spent a lot of time researching and developing natural nutritional solutions for the animal agriculture industry. However, initial product development is just a small part of what we do. Quality assurance and traceability are essential to make sure that our products are safe and effective throughout their entire lifespan.

David Owiny works on the quality team at our new Alltech Algae plant. For years we have been developing and refining the Alltech Quality System. It is a set of standards and procedures that are applied uniformly across all of our production and storage facilities. In many cases our standards exceed local and regional regulatory requirements.

It is no small task to implement our quality and traceability standards for a new Alltech facility. New procedures have to be documented as they are being developed. Since Alltech Algae is now our largest production plant David Owiny and the rest of the quality team have been extraordinarily busy working on its launch. In this brief video he describes what he has been doing.

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