Nov 04

Antibiotics Resistance - What Do We Know?

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Alltech's Global 500 - Mike Apley speaking to beef producers on antibiotic resistance

Dr. Mike Apley of Kansas State University spoke to beef producers at Global Beef 500 on antibiotics resistance. His presentation was a survey of the current state of knowledge regarding antibiotic resistance in animals and its connection to food-borne illness.


Nov 03

Dr. Simon Timmermans on Phosphorus, Nitrogen and Environmental Sustainability for Beef Producers

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Dr. Simon Timmermans is a veterinarian working in ruminant nutrition and medicine. He has dairy and beef clients and specializes in the role of nutrition in disease; especially with regard to trace mineral nutrition, mycotoxicosis prevention and post-ruminal bacterial infections. He holds an M.S. in Animal Science Ruminant Nutrition from Washington State University and a D.V.M. from Iowa State University.



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