Dr. Pearse Lyons Opens Global 500

Dec 07

Global 500 is underway. Over 600 dairy and beef producers are here for three days of discussion, education and fun. Dr. Pearse Lyons welcomed the combined dairy and beef audience for the morning presentations.

“When Henry Ford asked the people what they wanted they told people they wanted faster horses, and if he had followed their advice, today we would still be on faster horses and the state of Kentucky would be very happy.” In other words we need to figure out what the customer really wants and give it to them.

As a preview of the Global 500 he introduced eight big ideas and asked the attendees to write them down. “If you think it, ink it.”

Eight big ideas

  • Efficiency:  the cow is a fermenter, it is designed for fiber, we can increase efficiency and feed fiber.
  • Green house gases: We cannot stick our head in the sand. Green house gases are a real problem and sooner or later we will be taxed.
  • Mineral wastage & pollution: 3/4 kilo of mineral waste per cow means that a ton of mineral waste per day on a 1,000 cow farm.
  • Creating more nutritious milk and beef
  • Branding: Branding is essential. Why is soda $5 per gallon when milk is so much better for you?
  • Fiber: Grain is expensive or unavailable. Fiber is not only a cheaper alternative but the ruminant is designed to use it.
  • Nutrigenomics: This is a nutrition revolution. Nutrigenomics allow us to study how nutrients switch genes on and off. We can then develop programmed nutrition plans for young animals to increase efficiency and performance for life.
  • Social Media: We have to tell our story.

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