How Can Poultry Companies Protect Themselves from Food Safety Crises?

Jan 26

The recent dioxin crisis that originated with a raw material supplier in Germany affected many companies throughout the food industry. The loss of money and consumer confidence was extensive. The best way to minimize the damage caused by such an incident is to develop a comprehensive industry-wide food traceability system. But there are several things that individual companies can do to prepare for a potential crisis.

Crisis management specialist Peter Kerr discusses some of the essential steps that poultry companies must take to protect themselves from contaminated raw materials and the ensuing public outcry. Testing of incoming raw materials will provide some protection and allow companies to identify reliable suppliers that consistently produce high quality products. In the event that a crisis does occur there is no substitute for having a thorough crisis management plan in place. Kerr will speak on crisis management for poultry companies at our annual IPE breakfast meeting on Thursday January 26th. Stop by our booth (Hall A #1005) for more details.

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