Jul 24

2012奥特奇家禽营养高峰论坛 – 通过营养实现基因潜能

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2012奥特奇家禽营养高峰论坛 – 通过营养实现基因潜能 2012奥特奇家禽营养高峰论坛 – 通过营养实现基因潜能


五月 03

Predicting Pathogenicity of Mycotoxin Combinations

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Predicting Pathogenicity of Mycotoxin Combinations Simon M. Shane
Dr. S. Haladi of Alltech Canada, in conjunction with scientists at the University of Guelph, Ontario, has introduced a toxicity index to quantify the predicted pathogenicity of combinations of mycotoxins which may be present in feed.


Mar 15

Global Tonnage of Animal Feed

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Last year Aidan Connolly asked colleagues in Alltech's offices worldwide to help create a report on the global tonnage of animal feed produced. With offices and distributors in 128 countries he was able to put together a very comprehensive summary. That's not to say that it was easy. Data was collected from thousands of feed mills and manufacturers and compiled into totals for species, countries and regions.


Mar 15

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE

Animal Agriculture Allies at IPE Kay Johnson Smith President Animal Ag Alliance

Livestock producers are under attack. Activist groups like the Humane Society of the United States and PETA are actively working to erode public opinion of animal agriculture and meat, milk and egg consumption. Furthermore, they lobby for additional regulations that will drive up food prices. Similar efforts in Europe have resulted in higher food prices. However, consumer preferences have not changed. The end result is increased importation and a loss of food security.



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